What is erotic massage and why do you need it?

Massage – light hand movements that stretch the body, relieve fatigue and make a person cheerful and relaxed. There is a massage both Amateur and medical. The treatment is aimed at eliminating shortcomings, for example, as the alignment of the back or treatment of scoliosis. And Amateur massage is done in order to relax a loved one after a hard day. Erotic massage differs from regular massage only in places that need to be massaged. And so, what zones fall when performing this type of massage?

  • Buttocks(both men and women),
  • Breasts (considered an erogenous zone in women, because pressing or slightly biting the nipples 50 % of women experience an orgasm or feelings close to it),
  • Groin area.

How to do erotic massage correctly

Erotic massage should be done with tenderness and love.First of all, this massage will be dedicated to a loved one, and it should be done with tenderness and love. In this case, both people will get the maximum pleasure. Massage should start with the shoulders, gradually moving down. The main thing is smoothness! No need to make sudden and aggressive movements. Usually this is stroking and rubbing the skin(all these movements can be accompanied by a light touch of the lips). Next, you should pay attention to the zone number 1 – chest. Gradually move to the piquant place-the groin. For men, this is Paradise.

To satisfy and surprise your chosen one, you do not have to be a master, you just need to perform all the movements with love. To begin, stroke the navel, and move lower with light movements. Your movements should be gentle and calm – do not hurt. Optimal in this case, the movement “up-down”. Gently swipe your finger along the contour and massage further. Go to the gluteal muscles and stretch them, and go back to the zone of greatest pleasure. You will see how nice it will be for your man. To finish the massage, gradually move to the area from which you started your actions.

Remember, erotic massage-is considered a love caress, and just to surprise or diversify your sex life, it is worth giving place to this kind of activity. At the same time, you can turn on pleasant relaxing music, wear beautiful lace underwear, take some massage oil or just essential oil and make a pleasant experience for your loved one. For those who consider it vulgar and something forbidden, do not give in to other people’s opinions and misconceptions. You will enjoy the process, because the result will be amazing.

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