Erotic massage as a way to get pleasure and improve your health

Experienced Thai masseuses have techniques that can cure impotence and frigidity in a few sessions. However, erotic massage was not invented by them – this technique came from ancient India and China. It was the natives of these countries who discovered the chakras and the “sources of love” that are responsible for sexual pleasure. Now go into the far country for acute sexual feelings does not necessarily, in every more or less major city has massage parlors. In these institutions, sexual skilled workers are able to deliver unprecedented pleasure without entering into sexual intercourse.

Features of erotic massage: combining pleasure with health benefits

International erotic massageThe hypocritical idea of such a massage as a depraved, vulgar procedure has long been refuted by medicine. Erotic massage develops sexual potential, sexual capabilities, increases sensitivity in the intimate sphere. Skilful massage touches they help to get rid of functional deviations of the sexual sphere. It is shown to everyone, regardless of status, age, gender, marital status, because it enriches the intimate life, makes it brighter.

The Japanese recognize this type of massage as a combination of ice and flame. This combination gives incredible pleasure even without entering into an intimate act. The actions of a skilled master allow you to know your own body, open new erogenous zones.

How ero massage is done by a masseuse using special techniques and techniques

In good salons, this procedure is a real spectacular show, in which skilful intimate touches are accompanied by pleasant smells, music, performed in a classical style, Eastern ethnics, and other techniques. Often the master works on his own, author’s method. Before you start doing erotic massage, the girl can perform a seductive dance that relaxes the guest.

Erotic massage usually begins with light stroking, kneading, rubbing with the palms, phalanges and fingertips. Thus, the masseuse not only gives pleasure to the guest, but also studies his body, adjusts to it. Point effects on the nerve endings, muscles relax the muscles, release from tightness, and the body begins to work more freely and balanced.

The direction and speed of the fingers and palms are constantly changing, as well as the force of pressure from the minimum to the maximum. If you use the technique of erotic massage the whole body, the partner can lie on your stomach or back. Touches are accompanied by a change in intensity, rhythm, and pressure-the masseuse then lightly, then intensely presses against the partner.

Touch can be different-lips, hair, buttocks, Breasts, used friction all over the body. Skillfully and gradually, the masseuse brings the guest to the peak of excitement and after a delightful balancing at the peak – to discharge. The master can use beads, feathers, pieces of ice, balls, and other devices to sharpen the sensations.

Getting pleasure is the basic goal of what is happening. A significant part of it is physical pleasure, but it is also important to stabilize the emotional state, and in the future-to improve health. You can do erotic massage not only in special salons, but also at home. To do this, you do not need to read the works of ancient authors, it is enough to master at least simple techniques. The masseur can be a partner of both male and female.

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