Erotic massage: what the tinted doors and Windows of the massage parlor hide

Big problem find the phone number of the salon where they do erotic massage is not difficult. But it was not so easy to get there: I was not told the exact address, they gave me a reference point and asked me to dial when I would be there. There are no signs – you can only get here by calling in advance.

An inconspicuous tinted door was opened for me by a pretty girl in a light dressing gown and huge heels. Introducing herself as Marina, she handed me disposable Slippers with a smile and asked me to follow her to the meeting room.

What erotic massage scenarios do girls offer and what do they allow clients to do

The first thing the girl started with – with memorized warnings: they do not provide intimate services, you can not touch the masseuse in intimate places, erotic massage lasts until complete relaxation.

After I nodded understandingly, the girl told me about possible scenarios. I was offered several options to choose from:

  • Classic. Any bonuses are available for an additional fee.
  • Peep show. First, the girl undresses, shows how she can caress herself, and only then proceeds to the erotic part and a relaxing massage.
  • Double massage. Massage with two girls, you can also order lesbian show.

Erotic massage and peep showI chose a peep show and followed the girl into a private room. In the center of the room was a large bed with a huge mirror at the head of it, so that it was convenient to observe the whole process. Marina handed me a soft towel and sent me to the shower. In some salons, masseuses take a shower with the client, thus setting him up for a pleasant stay. But there was no such offer, and the girl left the room. When I got out of the shower, she asked me to take off my towel and lie down on the bed.

What is a peep show program in massage parlors and how long does it last

In the dim light, she took off her dressing gown and underwear and began to move slowly to the music. Along with the sexual movements of the body, the girl slid her hands where I could not touch them. This lasted about 5 minutes. As soon as she realized that my male interest in her was aroused, Marina went on an active offensive.

The girl asked me to lie on my stomach. Plentifully watering me and herself with oil, she sat on top of me and began to gently caress me with her whole body. At this point, I appreciated the charms of the mirror hanging at the level of the bed: watching the process from the outside was exciting. I turned on my back and the caresses continued.

After 20 minutes of my balancing on the edge, the girl continued the erotic part in “manual mode”. At the moment of climax, she was sitting on my stomach, with both her hands behind her back.

After the erotic part, the girl went to the shower, leaving me alone for a while. When she returned, she started a relaxing massage, paying special attention to the feet. And only at this time began to communicate with me. She was happy to answer my questions, showing that not only erotic massage, but also communication occupies an important place among the list of services of the salon.

After finishing the massage, which lasted about 20 minutes, Marina sent me back to the shower. When I got back, the lights were on, and the girl was back in the same robe and the same big heels, waiting for a new client.